Optimize Intel GMA 950 for gaming

by thund3rw0lf

Laptops with integrated graphics chipsets have many limitations, so you need to use tricks for playing games and optimizing.

We are going to do 3 things to improve gaming:

use Game Booster when playing, change graphics driver options and disable Hardware Sound Acceleration Level.

Game Booster

It can be downloaded from HERE.

Just enable it before starting game and start game with it.

It improves performance by disabling every service that is not needed while playing, it is not black magic or scam.

Graphics Properties

You can right-click on Desktop and select Graphics Properties


Go to Control Panel and enter Intel(R) GMA Driver for Mobile

Enter Display Settings tab

Make sure everything is disabled in Power Settings

Go to 3D Settings

Settings should be set like this:

Asynchronous Flip On

Triple Buffering Off

Flipping Policy Flip

Depth Buffer Bit Depth 16 Bit Depth Buffer

Force S3TC Texture Compression Off

Force FXT1 Texture Compression Off

Driver Memory Footprint High

Anisotropic Filtering Off

Select OK, and again OK

Hardware Sound Acceleration

Go to Start Menu > Run

Enter dxdiag and click OK
Go to Sound tab
Disable Hardware Sound Acceleration Level

And that is all, now you can notice slight improvements.
Ofcourse it is important to have good CPU and enough RAM memory.
I suggest to use Windows XP, TinyXP for best gaming experience.
Don't forget to do standard cleaning procedure on laptop, defragmentation, registry defrag, registry cleanup, temp cleanup and malware cleanup (I use SmartDefrag, Glary Utilities and Microsoft Security Essentials they are all free, very fast and eat very small amount of RAM).

One more thing is possible to improve gaming or make it even possible, editing configuration files. Just find configuration file and edit or you can find good ones on internet (not every games config can be edited!).


GMA GPU is downclocked by default factory settings and GMABooster can change GMA clock to it's normal or any value in between.

Download here.

It is DonateWare, it means you need to donate money to get full version but free version can work but it expires after week and after that you need to do reinstall.