I am going to slowly build FAQ, if you have any questions please ask in post comments.

If you need to find specific Question/Answer, use Ctrl+F find form in browser to find what you need!

1. Are these methods safe and is it safe to follow instructions here ?
This was all safe for me, I tried all these methods and they all work for me.
You don't have to risk and don't have to follow instructions if you are unsure.
I never had problem with experimenting so I just go for it.
So at the end, risk is on your soul but this all is tested by me and it worked for me.

2. Do these game optimization instructions apply to all laptops and slow PC's ?
Yes most of it can be applied to any PC or Laptop, especially custom configuration files.

3. Is GMA 4500MHD same as GMA 4500M ?
MHD is a little more faster but it is difference of 1-5 fps in-game, depends on game.
All this applies to 4500M, too.

4. RoyalBNA Drivers are for 4500M but you are using it on 4500MHD ?!
Yes RoyalBNA made drivers for 4500M, but he made it from drivers that work for 4500MHD too.
So it works also on 4500MHD and yes it improves perfromance.
If you are unsure don't use it, I use it and works for me !

5. Where can I download RoyalBNA Drivers ?
You can find them here TeknoGods Forums (you need to register to see forum and links)

6. Does GMA4500M support DirectX 10 and Directx 11 ?
No, 4500M does not support DX10 or DX11. DX10 and DX11 can be installed (DX10 comes default with Windows 7) but they won't work, only DX9 will work.

7. Does GMA4500MHD support DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 ?
It supports only DX10, not DX11.
Still it is weak graphics chip, but it supports DX10.

8. Can DX10+ game play in DX9 ?
If the game is only DX10+ then it normally can not be played on DX9. There is only one way, SwiftShader.

9. What is SwiftShader ?
It is a software processor for DX9, it means that it uses software to emulate hardware (like emulators).
SwiftShader is very slow and games usually run in 1-2 FPS. Yes, you can play DX10 games in DX9 but it is not playable, 1 FPS usually.

10. Why don't you record gameplay, so we can see that it works ?
I would love to record but recording slows down game and all you get is slideshow video.
I try to take more and more screenshots of the games in action so you would know how it looks like.

11. How can I fix bad textures in games or black screen ?
Bad textures, black textures or black screen in games can occur if you set in Graphics properties under 3D, Texture Quality to Performance.
To fix problem just set it to Balance or Quality.
If problem is still there try to set also Vertex processing  to Application Settings.

12. What system you use to test games ?
TOSHIBA Satellite
Pentium Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz
Windows 7 64-bit

13. I have problems with installing RoyalBNA driver, what to do ?
I don't know a lot about bugs or problems with installation of drivers, but if you need information then ask RoyalBNA on official forums TeknoGods Forums. He probably can answer your questions and fix problems.

14. Does RoyalBNA driver work on all Windows ?
No, RoyalBNA drivers work only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It does not work on Windows XP!

15. Why your configuration file doesn't work ? (It is crashing game, or it won't start!)
Sometimes, some games create additional parameters (about memory and stuff like that in PC) that are different for almost every PC. So it can happen that my configuration file is not compatible with yours.
Best solution to this is to open your (untouched/unedited) config file and my edited, and change GRAPHICS options by hand.