Optimize Intel GMA 4500M and 4500MHD for gaming

by thund3rw0lf

Even if it says Mobile in title of this chipset, it is not mobile. Because of that all thats left is to optimize instead of upgrade.

So there are couple of options to maximize optimization: use GameBooster, edit Graphics Properties, edit configuration files in games and use modded drivers.

We are going to use Game Booster and edit Graphics Properties for now.

Install latest RoyalBNA Driver (32-bit or 64-bit)

(These drivers are made for GMA 4500M, but I use them on GMA 4500MHD and they work great for ME. If you are scared or unsure then DON'T install and just skip this step. Here is picture of my specs and proof that I use them on my laptop)

RoyalBNA drivers work only on Windows 7 and Windows Vista !!!

These are modded drivers, if you don't want to install them than just install latest official drivers.

You can find latest RoyalBNA drivers on official site here TeknoGods, registration needed to download.
Or download from these links:

Royal BNA Driver LINKS HERE !!!

Links uploaded to Rapidgator, LINKS WORKING last check 25/11/2013

To install follow next:

1. Uninstall/remove old driver
2. Disable Windows Update
3. Reboot
4. Install new driver version (RoyalBNA driver)
5. Activate Windows Update
6. Reboot

Game Booster

It can be downloaded from HERE.
Just enable it before starting game and start game with it.
It improves performance by disabling every service that is not needed while playing, it is not black magic or scam.

Graphics Properties

You can right-click on Desktop and select Graphics Properties
Go to Control Panel and enter Intel(R) GMA Driver for Mobile
Select 3D tab enable Custom Settings

Settings need to be set like this:

Texture Quality Balance
(I prefer Balance over Performance, Performance is faster but in some games there are texture glitches possible)

Anisotropic Filtering Application Settings

Vertex Processing Application Settings
(better performance than "Enable Software Processing" in games)

Vertical Sync Application Settings

Now go to Media tab > Image Scaling

Enable Letterbox To Widescreen Scaling

Go to Power tab > Power Plans

On Graphics Power Plan Settings select Plugged In and select Maximum Performance

Now on Graphics Power Plan Settings select On battery and select Maximum Battery Life