Deus Ex Human Revolution on Intel GMA 4500

by thund3rw0lf

Yes you can run this game on GMA 4500. And here you can see best options setup to play it.

I think that biggest problem is resolution, lowest is 800x600.

It would play great if there was 640x480, but there isn't so I use next techniques.

First I recommend you optimize GMA 4500MHD, you can see how in previous posts on this blog.

Second Use Game Booster!

Normal settings:

1 - 7 fps

Optimization and game booster:

10 - 30 fps

stable enough to play game and enjoy

Ok, few steps and you'll be playing it:

1. Install

Deus Ex HR, Game Booster, and find instructions here on blog to optimize GMA 4500.

2. In-game Setup

When you first start Deus Ex HR there is setup wizard, disable everything and lower resolution.

Or do this in game:

Resolution 800x600

Ani-Aliasing No AA

Shadows Off

Depth Of Field Off


Post-Processing Off

Texture Filter Bilinear

VSync Off

Triple Buffering Off

3. Additional settings edit, if upper settings are not running smooth.

Go to Start Menu > Run 

Enter regedit and click OK

Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eidos\Deus Ex: HR\Graphics

Set values:

EnableTesselation 0

DisableHardwareShadowMaps 1

Shadow Mode 0

DisableNonPow2Textures 1

AtiForceFetch4 0

DontDeferShaderCreation 0

Next one is optional, and it is going to look bad but it should improve fps even more

BestTextureFilter 0

4. Lower resolution to 640x480, disable Bloom

Download Deus Ex Hack Resolution

Copy d3d8.dll, d3d9.dll, enbconvertor and enbseries to game installation folder, where is located the .exe

Open enbseries.ini

Search [ENGINE] and edit next lines under engine



Can be Width=640 and Height=480, 512x384 or 320x240 (512x384 and 320x240 have mouse problems but it is playable !)

Search [EFFECT] and edit next line under effect

EnableBloom=X (default is 1, set it to 0)

You can try to disable next lines too:

Under [SSAO]

UseFilter=X (default 1, set it to 0)

Under [GLOBAL]

EnableShaders_3_0=X (default 1, set it to 0)

That's all for now, enjoy game if you can!

I am going to update if something new comes up.