Mass Effect on Intel GMA 4500

by thund3rw0lf

Mass Effect sometimes gives errors or just crashes on 4500MHD, I thought it was problem in the game files and I spend hours lurking on internet and re-installing game.

Finally I found answer to my problems, DRIVER!

Game runs on my system 15-35 FPS, totally playable.

4500MHD has problems with this game because of drivers.

Easy steps:

1. Install patch 1.02

2. Configure Mass Effect

Enter Mass Effect

Go to Configure

Select Video

Set options this way:

Resolution 640x480

Particle Effects Low

Texture Detail Low

Filtering Point


Dynamic Shadows



Save Settings and Exit

When you start game, go to Options > Settings > Graphics

and make sure options are same as ones we changed before

Particle Effects Low

Resolution 640x480

Dynamic Shadows Low

Filtering Mode Point

Motion Blur No

Wait for Vertical Sync No

Film Grain No

For further optimization go to (if game runs fine, than there is no need to do next):

Goto (main game folder)
C:\Program Files\Mass Effect\Engine\Config

Download config file Mass Effect Config (BaseEngine.ini)
and paste it inside folder, overwrite existing file

3. Skip Intro videos
(optional: when testing different settings it is faster to start game without videos. This doesn't improve gameplay!)

First download file Mass Effect Skip Intro

Go to \Program Files\Mass Effect\BioGame\CookedPC\Movies\

Now replace files




with files you downloaded.

That's it, no more intro videos.

Enjoy playing !