F1 2011 and Velvet Assassin on Intel GMA 4500

by thund3rw0lf

Famous F1 racing game in 2011 edition runs good and stealthy Velvet Assassin with tweaking runs
good too.

F1 2011

Game runs ok, and needs configuration file edit for more FPS.
It gets enough FPS but at times it gets choppy and it is not fully enjoyable for me.

Without config file it runs in 5-10 FPS, but with config edit it gets 10-20 FPS.

Download F1 2011 Config (hardware_settings_config.xml) configuration file
Put it in
My Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2011\hardwaresettings
Overwrite existing file

That's it.

Velvet Assassin

Running on GMA 4500, with only changing video options it is slow, around 7-10 FPS.
With config it gets 10-20 FPS, playable.

Start game (Launcher) goto Settings and select/change next:
Screen Resolution 800x600
Texture Quality Low
Shadow Quality Medium
Anti-Aliasing Quality None
Shader Quality Low

Save and exit

Documents\My Games\Velvet Assassin

And paste there config.ini (Download Velvet Assassin Config) configuration file, overwrite when asked.
You can edit config.ini (Download Velvet Assassin Config) in Notepad if you want to change resolution.
With 320x240 game runs great 17-25 FPS but in-game text is unreadable.